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Delivery Centers, Schedules, How to Help

The Delivery Centers are good to go! Strategically located about Capital Federal, we have four locations to receive gifts going to the adopted letters. The Delivery Centers will also be accepting generic gifts for both boys and girls, as well as diapers of any size and powdered milk destined for Hospital Gutiérrez.

Check out the map for the Delivery Center closest to you and the table below for specific details of all of the locations.

Delivery Centers
DeportiendaLarrea 1012, 1er PisoRecoletaM-F from 09-17hsFacundo11.3221.0702
Esquina VernetAv. Vernet 101BoedoW-Sun from 17hs to closeJony11.4942.0834
Papel BoutiqueSan Benito de Palermo 1648Las CañitasM-F from 13-1930hsElena11.4774.1125
Reyes y Reinas14 de Julio 448ChacaritaM-F from 09-17hsSabrina11.6661.3787

Far from Buenos Aires but Still Want to Help?

For the first time in the (brief) history of Adopta Una Carta, we have opened the adoption of letters to individuals residing outside of Buenos Aires. The entire process has been so involved from day one that we chose to focus first on solidifying our organization before expanding too quickly. This year we will be receiving gifts via mail from Adopters living outside of Buenos Aires. Additionally, by request of several people that have written us expressly, we will also be accepting donations of new and used gifts for boys and girls ages 2-16, as well as diapers of any size and powdered milk that will go directly to Hospital Gutierréz. If you prefer to send us money specifically to purchase the above items, please send us a mail at and we can coordinate the details.

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Adopta Una Carta

14 de Julio 448

Capital Federal, 1427